Taking the Right Courses

Did you know that in some states a student can graduate from high school and not be eligible to apply to that state's public institutions of higher education?  That's the case in North Carolina.  One too few mathematics or foreign language courses could mean the difference between going straight to a 4-year institution and taking a detour through community college.  There is no shame in attending community college, but a student should not find out during their senior year that this is their only option.

It is important that all students have the option of going to college and not be left out because of the courses they do (and do not) take.  Ask the right questions to find out which course sequence provides the most options.  Making the choices about which classes to take begins as early as middle school and can eventually determine college eligibility.

Check back frequently for workshops about choosing courses and getting on track.

In the meantime, here are the minimum course requirements for attending schools in the UNC system.  Check them out and see how they differ from the public high school graduation requirements.

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